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LO VE by Tekuu LO VE by Tekuu
Text is GERMAN, hit 'download' to get the word-document!

But why is only the preview displayed and not the actual text...? Help me fix this, pleeease ;-;

...I am sorry *dies*
But you know, [link] this doujinshi-entry will forever make me smile so much it hurts ♥
It is just so funny and...makes me sooo happy xD!
The most shocking things are the wonderful LO ♥ VE partnershirts Ri-Il and Lycram suddenly wear to...conceal themselves.
Also, in the doujinshi Lycram has an epic drama scene (which is really cute in context!) which contains the sentence:
"I don't need friends...I thought I would be fine alone...but...I am NOT."

ASDFG SO CUTE AND Lycram would so kill himself for this confession (especially for the rest he says after this xD).
I suggest drunken!Lycram maybe makes stuff like this possible in Original HnM? xD?!

I always wanted to do something to show my gratitude for the existance for the doujinshi, so I started a little artwork two month ago, you can see a wip here on my tumblr:
...but since it looks fail, I never got around to finish it.
At the same time, I thought about how it would be possible to make those shirts appear logically in the real HnM...and thus I wrote this mini-mini-short fanfiction just to make it happen *dies*
Yep, this is two month old xD But I found it again and...decided to share ♥

Since it is really just a little LOL-text for myself, don't pay much attention to it, but since it is Ri-Il / Lycram-centric, I wanted to have it in my gallery ;-; ♥

These shirts are so horrible. I love them.

Lycram, Ri-Il, Azzazello, Rieme of "Himitsu no Mahou" (c) =Green-najotake
Sailor-Misty Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2010
I can't see it OTL DeviantArt FAILS US!!! Well... I need to go to work now anyway, so I hope it works tonight?

That preview image is so cute :la:
Tekuu Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2010  Hobbyist

OTL That's the has to download the word-document to read it, and I dunno how to change it.
I tried uploading a pdf and put it below 'fanfiction' instead of scraps, but still no change...;-; *sobs*

Thank you, I think so too xDDD! :la:
Tekuu Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2010  Hobbyist

I must write a comment since nobody can read this anyway:

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November 8, 2010
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